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ADHD Association Inc

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a medical term for a characteristic group of problems which may cause a child to under-achieve academically and behave poorly, despite having a good intellect and receiving quality parenting.

Recent research indicates a neurological basis for the disorder and it is now thought to affect  boys and girls equally across all ethnic groups. Many children will carry symptoms into adulthood with an increased risk of alcohol and drug abuse and ongoing emotional difficulties.

ADHD people are often highly intelligent, creative and intuitive. ADHD Association's service seeks to define this special 'something' to assist in treatment and management of the symptoms. Management may include dietary changes, behavioural therapy, remedial teaching, speech & language, occupational therapy and medication. Nutrition, chemical sensitivity and toxicity should be the first steps addressed in a management plan.

ADHD Association's aims:

  • To help and support those involved with the care, upbringing and education of children, teens and adults with ADHD
  • To relieve the distress and difficulties experienced by families by increasing public awareness and understanding of ADHD
  • To provide members with information on treatments and management; a library with resources and access to new research and professional editorial
  • Membership provides contact on a one-to-one basis for individual support; monthly support for adults with ADHD in Auckland and a free inquiry pack that can be posted/emailed out anywhere in NZ.
  • Closed facebook groups for parents, adults and partners are active and offer excellent support and information.

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