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Care Cafe

Care Café is a network for young people that have experienced the care system in New Zealand. It has been developed with the input of youth who are currently in care and those that have left care and produced with the support of Child Youth and Family and Dingwall Trust.


This network has been developed to provide a chance for young people to learn about the care system, connect with other young people with similar experiences and share their views with care providers and policy makers.


  • To promote wider understanding of the care system
  • To empower young people with knowledge of the services and support available; to give them resources on becoming independent
  • To inspire young people in care through sharing stories of their successes and achievements
  • To seek young people’s views and give them a voice from anywhere in New Zealand
  • To provide government and care providers a way of asking young people what information and services they need
  • Giving youth a chance to express their opinions and feelings to people in charge.


Contact details

Address: 8 Dingwall Pl, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025
Phone: (09) 278 3699
Fax: (09) 279 4092
Hours: 8.30am - 4.30pm Mon - Fri
Email: Send a message[email protected]
Entry criteria
Open entry
English, Maori