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Overeaters Anonymous

Is food a problem for you? Overeaters Anonymous is a twelve-step programme for men and women who support each other in solving their common problem of compulsive eating including anorexia, bulimia, obesity and overeating.

Their programme, which is patterned after that of Alcoholics Anonymous, is not affiliated with any other organisation, nor are they in competition with any weight-loss programme or group. Further, they are not experts about obesity, weight-loss or food addiction. The primary purpose of OA is to carry the message that recovery is possible. They simply want to share their experience with others who desire their help.

To find your closest OA meeting visit

Founded in 1960, today there are about 6,500 OA group meetings in over 65 countries. One becomes a member simply by coming along to meetings and having the desire to stop compulsive eating. Membership is open to all. There are many meetings throughout New Zealand.

The best way to find your local meetings is check out the website.

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