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* 0800 What's Up - Barnardos *

 (0800) WHATSUP  or  (0800) 942 87 87

"Enabling Young People"

What’s Up is a free, national telephone counselling service for New Zealanders aged 5 - 18yrs, which has been available since 22 September 2001.

The phone service operates Mon-Fri 1pm-10pm, and Saturday and Sunday 3pm-10pm. Online chat is open from 7-10pm seven days a week at Paid, trained and closely supervised professional counsellors answer the telephones.

What’s Up aims to provide early help to children and teach them skills that will help prevent the development of major problems later in their lives.

The most common problems presented are concerns about relationships with peers, bullying, concerns about relationships with family members, concerns about relationships with girlfriends/boyfriends, and pregnancy.

Anyone aged between 5 and 18 and would like some help, can call What's Up Counsellors on 0800 WHATSUP (0800 942 87 87) between 1.00pm and 11.00pm on any day.

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Contact details

Address: New Zealand
Phone: (09) 630 4144 or (0800) WHATSUP or(0800) 942 87 87
Hours: 1.00pm - 11.00pm Mon - Sun
Postal: PO Box 56642, Dominion Road, Auckland 1446
Email: Send a message[email protected]
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