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Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand (CAB)

When you contact a CAB you will receive a free and confidential service of information, advice and support. CAB aim to enable you to deal with your own problems. In summary, they listen, thoroughly research options and explain the information in a way that you can use it. If it’s appropriate, CAB act on your behalf.


  • Secure language assistance if you need it
  • Can help you identify the problems you require assistance with
  • Research what information will be of most use to you and locate this information for you
  • Work through the information with you, helping you to make sense of it
  • Help you to identify the outcome you want
  • Help you to understand the options you have for achieving the desired outcome
  • Assist you to understand the implications of any options available and to choose the option that will produce the best outcome for you
  • Assist you to achieve the best outcome, for example through helping you write a letter
  • Depending on your needs, and with your permission, act on your behalf with third parties to help achieve the outcome you want

CAB have a wide coverage throughout New Zealand with over 90 service locations around the country from the far north to Invercargill, in major metropolitan areas and in small, rural communities. To find your local CAB call (0800) FOR CAB / (0800) 367 222.

Each bureau is an incorporated not for profit organisation, operated by local community volunteers.

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Contact details

Address: 65 Victoria Street, Wellington New Zealand
Phone: (0800) FOR CAB or (0800) 367 222
Hours: Varies
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Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Interpretation services