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Maree BrogdenArt Psychotherapy - Integrative Healthcare practice

Art therapists have a specialised training that reflects their interdisciplinary practice and prepares them to provide this service; specialisation in the psychotherapies includes, Mental Health and Wellness, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Gerontology, Family Therapies, Child and Youth Health, and Wellness in the developmental stages of Adult life.

Maree Brogden's approach includes: ​ 

  • Integrative Person-Centred Arts in Psychotherapy
  • Life Coaching and Mindful Creativity 
  • Wellness for all; Children, Youth, Adults and Older Adults

Other practice interests include more general life skills, 'finding out and getting what it is that we really want in life'.  

Maree has registered professional membership with the Australia New Zealand Singapore Arts Therapy Association and an international professional membership with the American Art Therapy Association 

  • Services are subsidized by WINZ: if you receive income from WINZ, you may be eligible for counselling or coaching with the recommendation from your GP, community or specialist Doctor
  • If you would like an interpreter at the session let Maree know, she can help.
  • Registered Practitioner information (Maree Brogden) is available on the ANZATA webpage

Art therapy is a creative process that is suitable for all ages, and particularly for those who may be experiencing life change, trauma, illness or disability that is causing distress for the individual and/or their family. An art therapy process may contribute to positive changes in a person’s personal and public social life, and an increase in the awareness of self (and other), which may also improve their ability for personal acknowledgement.

How does art therapy help?

  • Improve ability to explore and express feelings that are difficult to discuss
  • Explore and develop healthy processes of imagination and creativity
  • Develop healthy coping skills and focus
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence in yourself and other people
  • Clarify issues and concerns
  • Increase communication skills
  • Share a safe nurturing environment
  • Develop body awareness, motor skills and physical co-ordination
  • Identify feelings and blocks to extend emotional expression and personal growth

The advantages

The advantage of art therapy is that even though we are not always able to verbalise what is happening for us, interaction in art therapy may be totally non-verbal until there is confidence, or the words, to speak our thoughts. The process of making the artwork helps us to create and develop that in a quiet space.

Alternatively those who over-verbalise, may block feeling and thoughts that may need expression; in this case interaction may be totally verbal, until there is recognition of something else for a mark on the paper, or to work with clay, or create an art work.

In other words, an art process can contribute to an understanding of the fine balance we need to make sense of our lives; within the therapeutic relationship, we can attend to the other aspects of personality and expression, that is not always available.

The artwork

The artwork in each session is a confidential record of feelings, thought and behaviour. While the therapist and client work together to understand the product of each session, this product is seen as a reflection of potential meaning, for the person, through their own process of discovery.

The art therapist provides a safe, non-threatening space and invites the individual (or group) to explore their situation, by using the art media he or she feels is right, and is comfortable with, during the session.

Maree is also available for consultation on Skype, you can phone or email her for more information.



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Address: The Psychotherapy Suite on Level 2, 169 London Street, Hamilton Central 3204
Phone: (021) 347 871
Hours: 9.00am - 6.00pm
Email: Send a message[email protected]
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