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Care and support for your physical wellbeing

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Accident and HealthCare
Accident and HealthCare is a walk in medical centre open from 8.00am - 9.00pm seven days a week, conveniently located on the corner of…
Located in: Tauranga City Centre.
Advanced Health Chiropractors
Advanced Health specialise in wellness care for the whole family utilising specific and gentle techniques to ensure results…
Located in: Glen Eden.
Justin Vodane – Anglesea Chiropractic
Chiropractic care for all neuro-musculo-skeletal complaints. Justin Vodane - B.Soc.Sci., B.App.Sci. Chiropractor
Located in: Hamilton City Centre.
Murray Lin – Bethlehem Chiropractic Centre
To provide the best possible Chiropractor back care.
Located in: Bethlehem.
Dr Craig Walsham – Chiroworks
Chiroworks specialize in muscoskeletal pain management  focusing on relationship between the spine and the nervous system…
Located in: Glen Eden.
Creating Wellness - Family Chiropractic Centre
Creating Wellness Family Chiropractic Centre assists the individual, to heal, make quality choices in life, and to experience optimal…
Located in: Pakuranga.
Essential Family Chiropractic
Essential Family Chiropractic are inspired wellness based chiropractors in the Hamilton CBD. Their purpose is to assist happy,…
Located in: Hamilton City Centre.
Family Tree Chiropractic
Wellness focused chiropractic care, specialising in chiropractic care during pregnancy and for infants.  Live a healthier…
Located in: Cambridge.
Funnell Family Chiropractic
Funnell Family Chiropractic provide Wellness Chiropractic care for babies, children and adults. John Funnell is a…
Located in: Rotorua.
Oscar Bacino BSc (Physio); MSc (Psych); B Chiro – Health Link Chiropractic
Providing Chiropractic care Physical Rehabilitation Spine & Muscular Skeletal Care …
Located in: East Tamaki.
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