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We found 156 results in Addiction, Smoking
Wellington Anxiety Specialists
Psychologists specialising in the assessment and treatment of anxiety conditions (e.g. generalised anxiety, panic, social anxiety and…
Located in: Wellington Central.
West Coast Health Clinic
Providing full GP services to their diverse patient base. Additional services include sexual health consults, immigration and work…
Located in: Raglan.
Western Bay of Plenty Primary Health Organisation (WBOPPHO)
Western Bay of Plenty Primary Health Organisation (WBOPPHO) is a team of providers who look after the health needs of those enrolled with…
Located in: Tauranga City Centre.
Michael Wise MNZAC – Wisdom Counselling
Wisdom Counselling is based in the Rangiora / Kaiapoi / Woodend area and serves Christchurch and North Canterbury for face to face…
Services available nationwide. Located in: Amberley, Ashley, Ashley Gorge, Barrington, Carleton, Casebrook, Christchurch City Centre, Clarkville, Cust, Kaiapoi…
Improve wellness in your workplace! Use WorkWell to improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce and boost morale, job…
Located in: Rotorua, Tauranga City Centre, Whakatane.
Youth Drug and Alcohol Service North Canterbury
Providing a free and confidential service offered, to youth up to age 19, with drug and alcohol issues. Youth Drug and Alcohol…
Located in: Rangiora.
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