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Kawerau District Library / Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum
Kete Kawerau The Kawerau District Library and Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum have launched a website called Kete…
Located in: Kawerau.
Lakeside Christian Life Centre
Lakeside Christian Life Centre is a support service meeting the needs of the individual, taken on a one-to-one basis. Help can include…
Located in: Huntly.
Lifestyle Transitionz
Lifestyle Transitionz has recruited experienced and skilled facilitators to deliver quality planning processes to individuals who are…
Located in: Hamilton City Centre, Hamilton East, Hamilton North, Hamilton West.
Linwood Avenue Community Corner Trust
Providing services, support and activities for all ages in Linwood, Woolston and Bromley areas. These include food bank, budget…
Located in: Avonside, Bromley, Linwood, Woolston.
Manurewa Marae - Te Whakaora Tangata
At Te Whakaora Tangata (*life restoration of the people*) we aim to see at risk whanau empowered with the skills and inner resources to…
Located in: Manurewa.
Massey Community House
Massey Community House is located on the outskirts of Waitakere towards the fast growing nor-west area of the city. The House provides…
Located in: Massey.
Men's Work
Professional Counselling Services. Specifically working with men to help with emotional and psychological problems and issues.
Located in: Hamilton City Centre.
Mens Shed - Mangere
In conjunction with Mangere East Family Services. Blokes are wanted who know how to make things and fix things. Blokes who know…
Located in: Mangere.
Mokoia Community Association
The Mokoia Community Association operates from the east side of Rotorua and uses community-led development principles to work alongside…
Located in: Owhata.
Neighbourhood Trust
Neighbourhood Trust (NHT) works mainly in the North St Albans/Mairehau/Shirley area of Christchurch. Its vision is to fulfill the needs of…
Located in: Mairehau, Shirley, St. Albans.
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