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Wherever you are in New Zealand, our independent advisory service is here to help.

In order to resolve issues quickly, Linkage is contracted by ACC to provide a nationwide, free and independent community advisory service to ACC customers.

Our advisor is just a phone call away with the right information and advice to support you through the ACC claims process, especially when things aren't going so well.

Our service is telephone based, confidential and free.

We want to make sure people who have claims with ACC get what they are entitled to. We believe effective communication is the best way to quickly resolve any issues which might arise. 

Linkage's advisory service can help with:

  • information, expert advice and advocacy support to address issues with ACC claims or accredited employers
  • access to your entitlements under ACC law to treatment, rehabilitation and compensation
  • explaining your rights as set out in the ACC Code of Claimants' Rights
  • talking through the options available to you if you don’t feel you’ve received a high level of customer service from ACC.

Rest assured, if for any reason we can't help you or think there might be someone else who can meet your needs, we'll make sure we link you with them. 

Talk to us about your claim

Call us today on (0800 123 4222)

We're available from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.