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Integrated mental health care involves primary and secondary services connecting and sharing resources so people get the best care possible.

Linkage's GP integration programme supports people using mental health services in Taranaki to make a smooth transition from secondary services (such as a community mental health service) to primary services (their GP).  

This service is funded by Taranaki District Health Board.

Effective communication

A person is first referred to the GP integration programme by their mental health service. We then send them a letter, inviting them to make contact with a Linkage GP integration coordinator, to arrange a meeting to discuss their opportunities. We encourage the person to bring their community nurse along to this meeting too.

We know effective communication is important, so a Linkage GP integration coordinator works alongside the person and their GP through the transition process. They encourage the person to participate and make informed choices about their individual care plan.

Financial support

We support people to access their chosen GP. We'll provide a year's subsidised access to GP consultations (for both physical and mental health related visits) within normal business hours. The only costs this funding doesn't cover are ACC surcharges and the cost of medication, except for Depot injections.

Cultural input

People have the opportunity to access the Māori mental health team for cultural input if they’d like it.

Individualised care

We create an individualised plan of care with the person to make sure they and their GP have the best resources available for their individual needs. This also means a greater focus is placed on preventative care.

GP support

We can support GPs to have a better understanding of the person's situation and their individual needs, making sure the person gets the care and respect they need.

GP integration in your region

If you’re interested in talking with us about how Linkage could offer GP integration in your region, please contact us.